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The Best of Jeffrey Ford

Click art to view pdf sample pages.

New book interior, a collection by a writer I like a lot, who I was fortunate to have as introducer to my novel, The Painting and the City. Pages shown are from one of the first stories of his that I read. Available from the publisher here. Cover and interior art by Derek Ford.


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February 20, 2020 · 2:35 pm

Year’s Best Weird Fiction


Click to view pdf sample pages.

Final installment of the award-winning series from Undertow Publications. Available for purchase here.

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Lauck: Warm Center, Ragged Edge

Page design and layout for the University of Iowa Press, Jon K. Lauck, From Warm Center To Ragged Edge: The Erosion Of Midwestern Literary And Historical Regionalism, 1920–1965. The text was fairly straightforward, but half the book was an endnote chapter. Because there were so many notes (and presumably important), I had to balance readability with keeping them from taking up too many pages.


Click the image for a pdf of sample pages.

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In The Lovecraft Museum

This is a novella I did for PS by Steve Rasnic Tem, with cover art by Jason Van Hollander and interior ornaments by Jason McKittrick (converted to graphics by Jason Van Hollander from photographs of McKittrick’s three-dimensional objects). This was the first book I designed and laid out using InDesign, after many years using Quark XPress.

You can purchase the signed or unsigned edition here.





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Current Work

Here are some pages from a recent design, a new collection from Ian R Macleod.




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